Stephanie Launches a Digital Patient Registration Process

Stephanie Launches a Digital Patient Registration Process

Stephanie, VP of Behavioral Health at Family Centers, needed to digitize patient registration for their medical, dental, and behavioral health services. Learn why she chose the Formstack Platform.

“Right away, we were getting patient data we couldn’t before.”

When the pandemic hit, Family Centers had to rapidly move all their patient registration processes into a digital format. This included everything from consent for treatment documentation to demographic and insurance information. Stephanie and her team needed a tool that could be implemented quickly without halting their services. The final registration process needed to be  intuitive and user-friendly because many of their clients are not technologically savvy. 

In a very short amount of time, they were able to digitize all their patient registration processes using the Formstack Platform. Its ease of use across Forms, Documents, and Sign made it the perfect product to digitize every step of the patient registration and onboarding process. With Formstack, the new process provides them an average of 10% more data from patients, which is crucial for their reporting to government agencies and other regulatory bodies. Clients are now able to quickly and easily register for healthcare services in a matter of minutes, without hitting any technical barriers to access.

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Streamlined workflows

Completely digitized the patient registration process during the pandemic

Optimized data practices

Improved reporting with workflows that can collect 10% more data from patients

Enhanced the patient experience

Provided patients with a fast, easy way to register for healthcare services

Video Transcript

Since going live Formstack, that we have about an increase, and 10% more data that we're getting that we weren't getting before because people just weren't filling it out. And it's important data that we have to report on to different regulatory bodies and funding bodies.

Tell us about yourself!

So my name is Stephanie Haine. I'm the Vise President of Behavioral Health at Family Centers, which is a private non-profit human service agency and a health care clinic as well.

What were the challenges before using Formstack?

So like everybody else in this world, right now, within 24 hours, we had to move to a virtual platform to provide medical, dental, and behavioral health services. And so we realized quickly, it wasn't just about finding a telehealth platform to do the sessions or the appointments with their clients, but also how are we going to get all the paperwork signed, all of the consents for treatment so that we could treat our clients, all of the insurance information to bill for the sessions, the information about themselves, demographic information that's really important, not just so that we get to know our clients, but also for reporting purposes and funding purposes. And we were struggling because a lot of our clients don't have technology on their end, either.

How have you reimagined work using Formstack?

We did create writable PDF that we had links to on our own website. But again, those had to be downloaded, people had to find those links, they had to be able to have the right equipment to fill them out. And doing signature just wasn't happening. So we were struggling to get information and be able to then provide services.

The "Aha" moment was just a simplicity. We didn't have to micromanage it, we didn't have to worry about it getting done, particularly when within the first week of COVID testing, using it for COVID testing at our Medical Center, they went first on Formstack, in terms of going live. Right away, we were getting data we couldn't get from people when we were trying to get them to even hand-write when they would show up on forms. So I think it was just sort of like a "you could breathe again a bit" in terms of not having to worry about that get through it, and actually do the job we need to do.

What outcomes has Formstack helped you achieve? 

We're definitely more efficient now. It's made it much easier for the clients because I don't have to download anything. They can use it on their phone, they can type right on a laptop or desktop, they can use a finger to sign. So they don't even need a keyboard for that. So that's much easier. Even our clients who may not be as technology-savvy, right? They're literate. They're able to utilize it.

What advice would you give someone looking to become "practically genius"?

Do your homework, communication, communication, communication. And you have to be willing to put yourself out there. And be able to fight the battles to get the change you need or to affect change in general.

Would you recommend Formstack to a friend?

Again, just easy-user, it's sufficient, particularly with the population we work with again, not having the technology, under their belt that maybe some other consumers would.

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