Accepting Online Scholarship Applications

When eduWeb Digital Summit needed a better way to manage data for their scholarship application process, so they turned to Formstack. Read this case study now!


When eduWeb Digital Summit launched their scholarship for developing professionals, the process included multiple data collection tools. The form providers they used lacked much of the customization eduWeb needed to create a streamlined, efficient, and personalized form. They also struggled to get the data collected, organized, and stored in one centralized location.  


They used Formstack to completely revamp their scholarship application and nomination processes. Using Formstack’s flexible themes and powerful Conditional Logic, they were able to create dynamic, branded forms that sent personalized responses according to the application or nomination data. All the data was housed within Formstack’s secure database, then integrated into other important systems like Trello and MailChimp.

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Saved time

This process gave admins back 10 hours per week

Condensed technology

Replaced multiple tools in their tech stack

Eliminated data silos

Integrated directly with most-used systems

Improved applicant experience

Streamlined communication with applicants

Video Transcript

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